GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 Migration - Autodiscover Issue Resolved - Small Business Website Design & Management | BlackWebs

The transfer process from an MS Tenant account (in this case GoDaddy) to Microsoft 365 is a complex progress, here’s how we did it.

  1. Export all mailboxes to PST files – move those backup files to a safe place (outside of the Outlook folders, just to be sure).
  2. Cancel and delete all mailboxes in GoDaddy
  3. Call or Live Chat GoDaddy support and have them remove the tenant account
  4. Purchase the new Microsoft 365 account direct on the Microsoft website
  5. Configure the Domain as required – if it hasn’t yet been released by GoDaddy this will not work.  The release was more or less instant for us – making sure they the support agent was sure to cancel the account.
  6. If you still have Outlook on your desktop it is likely to suffer an issue linking back to the old GoDaddy setup.  To resolve this we opened MS Word and logged out of any account logged in (under “Account”) – then logged in with the new account.  We could then open Outlook and sign in with our new Email accounts without any issue.
  7. Setup your Email accounts in Outlook and restore your PST files.

We hope this helps – we spent a long time trying to resolve the Outlook issue – thinking it was an Autodiscovery routing issue.